India: Legal

What next after the Vodafone tax arbitration?

The Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague has issued its award allowing the claim of Vodafone against the Government of India. The award marks the culmination of a long-drawn acrimonious litigation between Vodafone and the government. The dispute arose...

India: Legal

Taxpayer Charter: Nurturing Relationship of Mutual Trust and Respect

Last week, the PM unveiled the Taxpayer Charter with a twin-fold document containing 14-point obligations of the Revenue and 6-point duties of the taxpayer. While the analysis of each is yet to be translated into actionable goals, the announcement is an...

India: Income Tax

Is digital tax the end of Multilateralism as we know it?

Frustrated by the slow pace of discussions and anxious to mobilise revenue considering the Covid-19 pandemic, several countries have taken unilateral measures to tax the digital economy.

India: Income Tax

De-Escalating The Digital Tax Debate

Like most domestic laws and bilateral treaty networks that were established prior to the digital revolution, the international tax regime was built for a brick and mortar economy. Its inability to be adept to new business models and commercial practices in...

India: GST

Reimagining GST for the post-COVID era

There appears to be a common wish list for all stakeholders in the new economic paradigm—that the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council reverse its role; from making recommendations on how to tax to transforming itself into an institution invigorating economic...